lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Keane - This Is The Last Time

Song: This Is The Last Time
Artist: Keane
Album: Single (2003)/Hopes And Fears (2004)

An old one, but a good one.

Keane is an English poppy rock band. Tim (the lead singer) has such a lovely voice :D

Passport JDM EK9

This EK is so... JDM. Rocking a lot of parts from Passport JDM which make a great line of products for many imports that include stuff like intakes, strut bars, and also custom carbon fiber parts. You can check them out here. I think this car has a K20.

Iron Man Dunks

This would totally turn me into Iron Man and make me fly high! Yeah, plus each shoe has an ARC reactor! Super powers for everyone! Warning: Do not attempt to jump off building or stop a car.

Free Purex 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets!

Want some of this? Get it here.
It's free, safe, & as long as you're over 18, you're good to go. I ordered mine and I'm expecting it to greet me in Austin 6-8 days later! So, go go go! :)

Charge USB Devices Without an Adapter

For $20.00, you can pre-order the U-Socket. Soon enough, our houses will have these suckers! At least I won't be surprised if this happens. :) Then everything will be more convenient, and no longer will we need to by those USB adapters!

Ilya - Unchangeable

Song: Unchangeable
Artist: Ilya

:) Do you like it?

Beach Surprise