miércoles, 12 de mayo de 2010

Greyson Michael Chance - Paparazzi cover

Little Singer: Greyson Michael Chance
Song: Paparazzi by Lady Gaga (Cover)

This little boy is going to be Justin Bieber’s best friend. I hope Greyson hits it big and sings along with Bieber. :) That would be adorable… I guess. His known on YouTube as Greyson97 and performed this cover in his 6th grade show. :)

He’s also made his own original song called, “Broken Hearts.”
Check out the video below...

1 comentario:

  1. definately bieber's best friend
    how in the world does he have a voice so low already? :O
    but then he also sings like a girl sometimes
    and;; damn, he's good