martes, 18 de mayo de 2010

Snow Patrol - The Lightning Strike // How to Be Dead

Song: The Lightning Strike
Artist: Snow Patrol
Album:  A Hundred Million Suns (2008)

This song is 16+ mins long. It has 3 parts:

/01 What If This Storm Ends?
/02 The Sunlight Through The Flags
/03 Daybreak

This song was written during a power outage following a thunderstorm. That is what I recall lead singer Gary Lightbody saying during a concert.

Story time! Snow Patrol is from Ireland, with some members from Scotland. Europeans <3. The lead singer is gay :(. That is besides the point. This band formed in 1994, joining an Jeepster, a Scottish indie record label. They were orginally named Shrug, then Polar Bear, then Snow Patrol. During that time, they were always in debt, etc. Jeepster dropped Snow Patrol, and they continued to struggle for money. A lot. After being signed with Fiction, Snow Patrol released their album Final Straw in 2004. They've gained popularity since then, and now they're pretty big. This band has struggled through a lot and come a long way. (I'm so cheeeesy).

To celebrate, here's another song!

Song: How to Be Dead
Artist: Snow Patrol
Album: Final Straw (2004)

I love this band :)

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