domingo, 9 de mayo de 2010

YouTube Music Star ? Paul Dateh

Paul Dateh is an uprising YouTube star who deserves some recognition for his hard work! He’s got a great sense of music and rhythm and performs great mash-ups and covers. According to his website, Dateh was supposed to only become a violinist! But I guess some dreams are meant to change because he changed his direction by taking a jazz program and it turned out to be a great path. He did not want to become just a classical musician; He wanted to become a great musician in every way.

Here’s his latest mash-up! It’s pretty good.

Songs: Telephone , Blah Blah Blah , Rude Boy , & OMG
Artist: Paul Dateh

You can download his mp3’s for free! YAY! Click here for them.

Check out the music video for his song, “Good Life.”

Song: Good Life
Artist: Paul Dateh & Ken Belcher (Guitarist)

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