domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010

Um... Umbrella?

As you know, clear umbrellas have come to be a trend in our society now-a-days… but what happens when you take the clear umbrella concept to an extreme? How about taking the whole umbrella concept to an extreme? Below are some pictures of creative umbrellas that have been invented for convenience, design, and pure fun! :) Check them out and don’t forget about the other pictures after the break!

Invented for the busy business workers who don’t have the hands to carry their umbrella. I call it, the Safety Umbrella Dome.

Called the Bumpbrella, this umbrella was specifically designed in considerate of others on a rainy day. If they bump into the Bumpbrella, there’s no pain and no worries!

I’m pretty sure this one was man-made by this couple. :) What a great way to stay dry! … though it may be humid.

This umbrella was made by a Japanese designer who… um… I’m not really sure what they were going for, but it sure does look unique for an umbrella!

The couple’s umbrella! :)

One can definitely blend in with the rainforest with this umbrella.

Look up on a rainy day and all you see is kiwi!

Lightsaber umbrellas!

I think Who-ville is missing an umbrella.

Light up a rainy day with this unique umbrella! I’m not sure if it’s water-proof… but I sure hope so!

The Umbrella Purse! Fashionable and easy to carry and access! Oh how clever.

The Super Considerate Umbrella. If your umbrella gets in the way of other people’s umbrellas, just pull the string and draw in your umbrella sides!

“Aww… it’s starting to rain, but we can still play golf since I have my special golf-club!”

The hero, samurai, and pirate’s umbrella.

The Cloud Umbrella!

And last but not least, the gun-brella! No, silly… it’s not a real gun! It’s a squirt gun! This ingenious invention was created out of pure creativity and I honor the makers for it. When raining, the water travels down through the pipe and into the water gun, filling you with unlimited water gun ammo! How fun! I want one!

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